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Who Joe Shmoes Are

Lucky hamsters breaking out of their cages!
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Tag us on twitter with your lucky hamsters. 5 random tweets will be selected to receive a special surprise.
10 lucky hamsters will be airdropped to 10 random holders. Also 3 lucky hamsters to the most active members on discord & twitter. Community wallet filled with 10 ETH.
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“I absolutely love being part of this NFT community. Lucky Hamsters is doing some amazing things in the space.”

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5 ETH split for 5 random holders. 25% of royalties will go to sweeping the floor.
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Start the development of the NFT case opening site. Community wallet filled with 20 ETH.
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Hello, Fellow Joe...

Joe Shmoes is a collection of 1,111 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain, launched in partnership with Magic Eden. 

This is the first of many projects to come from myself (Joe) and my 3 co-founders (Joe, Joe, and Joe, respectively). We’re entrepreneurs, art collectors, and crypto investors who are in it for the long haul. 

Each Joe is just your average, pixelated shmoe, programmatically generated from 180+ possible attributes … but Joes with rare swag, magical abilities, and medieval weaponry are doper than the rest.

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Welcome to the
Not-So-Average Club

We appreciate you being here, fellow Joe. The Not-So-Average Club is an inclusive community for regular Joes who are changing their lives with crypto.

The matrix is trying to trap them inside a corporate hamster wheel, but Joes are choosing to carve a new pathway towards freedom.

This is precisely what makes average Joes not-so-average. And if any Joe on the street can do it, you can too.

The Not-So-Average Club is all about solving the problems that NFT Projects and DAOs face today.

By being a part of the Joe Shmoes’ Not-So-Average-Club, you will be a part of an educational community where individuals can learn about becoming more financially responsible and can participate in the experiment of an evolved DAO structure outlined in their 45-page

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Are The Rumors True?

The rise of the average Joe has come at a time in which rumors of extraterrestrial sightings are spreading across the globe.
According to alleged witnesses, unidentified flying objects have been spotted hovering at low altitudes, remaining completely still for several minutes, then suddenly vanishing in a flash of light.

Although authorities have corroborated multiple accounts of UFO sightings from seemingly unrelated witnesses, the powers-that-be have yet to confirm or deny the occurrence of any such events, or the existence of alien life forms in general.
The frequency of recorded sightings is increasing at an alarming rate, yet the vast majority of the global population believes it to be fake news, merely a conspiracy theory crafted by a group of loonies on social media.

Meanwhile, local, state, and federal authorities have received a number of reports of Joes gone missing – disappearing without warning or explanation. There is growing speculation that the presence of UFOs is linked to the lost Joes. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed as investigators learn more. If you see something, say something.

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01. Purpose & Values

We’re guided by a simple yet profound vision to transform average Joe Shmoes into real-lifesuperheroes

Build an international community of everyday Joes supporting each other towards financialfreedom.


• Community First

Our global community is, and will always be, our number one priority. Providing opportunities forthe enrichment of our Joe family is not only make-or-break for this project and the ones comingafter it, but it’s the very reason why we do what we do.The 4 co-founders have cultivated a level of personal freedom, both spiritually and financially,that we aim to encode into the DNA of the Joe Shmoes’ culture. We are a chosen family, andour desire is to extend our blessings and life lessons to our extended family — you.

• Express Yourself

Full self-expression is welcome here. To foster a permissive environment, especially in CryptoLand where dick jokes and trolling is pervasive, we believe it’s important to welcome both thesacred and the profane.We’re equal parts “Trust the Universe” and “Suck It.” What that means is that we’re kind with theenergy behind our words, even when using crude language. Your personality will not be stifled,however, we’ll step in to moderate if someone gets out of line. We’re here to lift others up, makeeach other laugh, and have fun.

• Be In the Mystery

Enjoy the mystery of what’s to come. The core team will provide resources for all of us to growtogether, but it won't happen overnight. Trust the process. We’re fully dedicated to this projectfor the long-haul, yet even we don’t know exactly where it’s headed.Creative inspiration strikes spontaneously, which shifts our direction in unexpected and excitingways. We follow our intuition and respond to the community’s feedback as we go. Thanks forbeing a part of the journey.

02. Notable Happenings

March 2022

  • First AMA
  • UFO Sighting (Airdrop #1)
  • LFJ News
  • First Abductions (Special Announcement #1)

JoeDAO - Phase 1

  • Initiate first roles and NFTs
  • Initiate DAO Wallet and royalty payouts
  • Voting Protocol Established

JoeDAO - Phase 2

  • Community Idea Portal Initiated
  • Voting Protocol Tested
  • Role Structures and Implementation Tested

JoeDAO - Phase 3

  • Distribute more key roles as Joe's Grow
  • Goal: fully distributed and community engaged workflow
  • Final: create a document outline of HOW we got here and the steps it took to become fully community driven

03. Future Possibilities

  • Collection listed on HowRare.Is. Currently listed on Moonrank
  • Exclusive airdrops to Joe holders
  • More Joe Shmoes’ Collections with preferred minting and pricing for Joe holders
  • Early access to new projects and partner collections
  • Not-So-Average Club merch
  • All-Access Pass to visit Joe Shmoes’ NFT Gallery in Boulder, Colorado

    ○ Priority Access to feature artwork and projects created by the Joe community atgallery events
  • Partnership opportunities with the Joe co-founders to launch your own NFT project(selections to be very limited and highly curated)
  • Access to real-life experiences, such as all-inclusive international trips, snowboardingadventures, and private parties
  • And perhaps much more to come! The possibilities are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Joe Schmoes are in total supply?


Where can I get one?

You can purchase them on Magic Eden's secondary marketplace.

How much do they cost?

It depends on the secondary market. Check Magic Eden's marketplace for current prices.

What do I get access to when I buy a Joe?

You get access to JoeDAO benefits and JoeDAO only channels in our Discord. To learn more, visit our Discord.